Ivan Loo
Chief Executive Officer

Ivan hails from Ipoh, a little known city in Malaysia that is famous for it’s White Coffee – a specialty brew made from beans in margarine. It comes to no surprise that he rarely seen without a cup. Ivan grew up with many games with his absolute favorite being Homeworld. These days, he paradoxically enjoys both indie games and freemium games which fuels his desire to change popular opinions on the mobile gaming scene. After majoring in Philosophy at the National University of Singapore, Ivan went on to found LambdaMu Games in 2009 with co-founder Abhishek Radhakrishnan. Together they developed Pixel People, a free-to-play iOS City Builder, that was met with great critical and commercial success. Legend has it that they have remained at LambdaMu and continue to develop games to this very day…


Abhishek Radhakrishnan
Chief Creative Officer

Abhishek didn’t think he’d like having a beard, but eventually it grew on him.

It might have had something to do with growing up on a naval base in India with dreams of becoming a pirate, or it could just be so that he could tell that joke over and over again. One thing’s for sure, he’s a sucker for terrible puns, charming pixel art, minimalist UI design, and conspiracy ridden storytelling; and being at LambdaMu games allows him to make a living out of that smattering of interests. Abhishek graduated from the University Scholars Programme at the National University of Singapore, and after spending some time dabbling with education and games, joined forces with Ivan Loo to co-found LambdaMu in 2009. His favourite games include the original Warcraft trilogy, Braid, and Trainyard.


Hoo Qing Yu
Senior Engineer

Qing Yu graduated from Nanyang Technological University and has been a key part of LambdaMu’s projects since the original Dice Soccer. When not programming sleek user interfaces and juggling endless feature requests from the producers, you can find her honing her own art skills or playing the latest Final Fantasy title. She also serves as LambdaMu’s unofficial Japanese translator.


Sharon Bong
Senior Artist

If it wasn’t for timely intervention by LambdaMu, Sharon would have given up her amazing artistic talents to become a professional cat collector. Now she spends most of her time drawing pictures of kittens on any surface within her reach, and sneaks them in to whatever game she can get her hands on.  Her work rate tends to drop when a stray sunbeam happens to shine around her desk.

Benjamin Chee
Senior Artist

Benjamin is an artist par excellence. With deep knowledge of fantasy, science fiction, comic books, and potato chips, he brings a wealth of creative exposure to the LambdaMu family. The walls of LambdaMu’s underwater base are plastered with his sharpie artwork, which is the first thing you see if you ever survive the precarious journey up the staircase.


Edmund Ching
Senior Engineer

Edmund brings experience and insight to LambdaMu, with his long history and involvement with games. His love for development is only rivalled by his healthy obsession with his motorbike. A nostalgist at heart, Edmund’s favourite games include FF6, FF tactics, and Metal Gear Solid. Edmund is also an expert at wrapping christmas presents.


Sin Yee Howe
Senior Engineer

Yee Howe’s passion lies in writing frameworks and designing back-end systems. He also enjoys playing board games and baking waffles. A gifted programmer, he has a penchant for sharing his knowledge and ideas, which has recently led him to secure a teaching position at Nanyang Polytechnic where he hopes to inspire the next generation of Singaporean game developers.


Ian Tan
Senior Engineer

If you spliced a biker with a programmer, you’d probably get something pretty unique. LambdaMu was fortunate enough to get two such rare items when Ian joined the company after Edmund. Ian loves following the latest trends in the gaming industry, and after a long day of writing extremely efficient and beautifully commented code, he secretly cultivates his pixel art skills on the side.