Hi there!

We are LambdaMu Games, a home grown development team in Singapore, known for making the mobile hit Pixel People. We are looking for an Indie Game Engineer to join us on our latest venture – Project Lunch!

Project Lunch is a narrative game for PC and consoles that combines “Papers Please”-like gameplay with light city building elements. Simultaneously a reworking of the City Building Genre, and a retrospective look at the roots of Singapore’s cultural identity, the game will seek to explore the hard decisions that shape the future of a nation.

It’s set in a fictional country that is trying to find its legs, and desperately needs land to begin rapid development and modernisation. The player’s job will be to process acquisition cases involving colorful citizens who don’t want to give up their homes if they can help it! It will be up to the player to decide if the needs of the country outweigh the appeals, complaints, and desires of these individuals.

If you are interested in helping to develop an indie game, explore regional culture and art, having fun developing with Unity to create specific experiences, and engaging with colleagues that love workshopping ideas, take a look at the job description below and do send along your resume and portfolio to jeremy@lambdamugames.com.


  • Love for Narrative Indie Games
  • Experienced with Unity and C#
  • Good understanding of Indie Game Development Process

Job Details:

  • Compensation: SGD2500 to SGD5000
  • Contract (Project Based)
  • Remote Work Preferred
  • Flexible working hours

Have a look at some concept art below to get a sense of the style and feel we’re working towards –

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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