Updates from our Secret Base

LambdaMu Games has a cool new project underway. Presenting, Dice Soccer League!

Dice Soccer League is a reboot of the studio’s critically acclaimed 2011 title Dice Soccer. This new iteration preserves the spirit and essence of the original card-collecting dice-rolling soccer mashup, but takes the graphics and gameplay to an all-new level.

In Dice Soccer League, players get to build their dream team of soccer characters, and use them to win matches by scoring as many goals as possible. Once on the field, characters roll unique 6-sided dice and use special soccer skills to gain possession of the ball. The team that rolls the highest total on the field gets control of play, and kicks its way to an epic showdown between striker and goalkeeper!

As Manager of a Dice Soccer League team, finding the right character with the right dice sides is key to victory. Under the certain conditions and in the presence of the suitable team mates, characters can unleash zany yet powerful skills to change the fate of a match, thereby ensuring that the biggest dice on the field doesn’t always win. This aspect of the game adds an amazing level of strategy and depth to what is otherwise a very casual and accessible experience.

That is exciting news indeed, stay tuned for more.

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